The 50 carvings found along Jack-O-Lantern Lane range from portraits of iconic scientists to classic Halloween scenes including a black cat and Frankenstein.


Pumpkins transformed into works of art are once again the main attraction this fall when Jack-O-Lantern Lane takes over the Da Vinci Science Center.

Beginning on Sept. 25, new exhibit experiences, as well as returning favorites, will thrill and engage visitors of all ages in the science of sensory perception, illusion-making and things that go bump in the night.

The 50 fabulous carvings found along Jack-O-Lantern Lane range from portraits of iconic scientists such as Leonardo da Vinci  (of course) and Albert Einstein to classic Halloween scenes including a black cat and  Frankenstein. A few other crowd favorites are the Mona Lisa and a Tyrannosaurus rex and the periodic table element for hydrogen – an obvious choice for a science center.

“Halloween is the perfect time of year to showcase the science that is behind some of our favorite go-to spooky tools including the magic of dry ice and creating optical illusions using light and sound,” said Jennifer Pors, museum experience manager. “Visitors are blown away by the artistry and detailed carvings on the jack-o-lanterns. The entire exhibit highlights the creative thread that links art and science,” she said.

As they continue on their stroll through Jack-O-Lantern Lane, visitors will see lights change color at the Circuit House, children can experiment with the crazy contraptions wall, and everyone can learn about the basics of animation with a 19th-century Praxinoscope. Live shows will showcase other spooky Halloween science.

Through Oct. 31, families can also transport themselves to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Alleghenies, or the Adirondacks in the Earthwalk Explorer exhibit. Putting their “feet to the earth” they can trek through the mountains and follow the river valleys of the Susquehanna, James, or Hudson.

Earthwalk Explorer features colorful Geoshows projected onto the map to tell stories that combine geography, history and culture — one showing the network of Native American trails that later formed the foundation of the U.S. interstate highway network, and one showing the rich legacy of the Lenape and Susquehannock tribes.

Earthwalk Explorer is on display through Oct. 31st; Entry is included in admission to the Da Vinci Science Center and Jack-O-Lantern Lane is on display Sept. 25 through Nov. 7.

To keep visitors and staff safe and healthy while they have the most fun with science, masks are required for everyone over the age of 3 in accordance with CDC recommendations. Due to capacity limitations, advance reservations are highly recommended in order to ensure entry on a preferred date. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

The Da Vinci Science Center is located  at 3145 Hamilton Blvd. Bypass, Allentown.