Stuffed Puffs is introducing BIG Bites – Filled Marshmallows made for snacking right out of the bag

Stuffed Puffs, the filled marshmallow company, is giving fans the ultimate snacking experience with the launch of BIG Bites.  With three delicious flavors, S’mores, Cookies `n Creme, and Birthday Cake, these fluffy marshmallows are stuffed and coated in flavorful deliciousness and can be polished off in one to two scrumptious bites.

Paying homage to where it all started for Stuffed Puffs (around the campfire), their BIG Bites S’mores flavor features all those campfire flavors on the go. Stuffed Puffs added graham cracker to the creamy milk chocolate center (to add a delicious crunch) and coated the entirety of the outside in crispy graham crackers as well.  The Cookies `n Creme flavor is coated and filled with crunchy chocolate creme filled cookies.  And the ever-festive Birthday Cake flavor is an all-in-one party, covered in rainbow sprinkles and filled with cake batter flavored white chocolatey goodness inside.

Big Bites come with eight pieces in each resealable bag to lock in freshness and make sharing these snackable treats easy; assuming you don’t eat them all yourself.

“Since we first launched our Classic Milk Chocolate Stuffed Puffs, the most frequent comment I’ve heard from our fans is that they ate the entire bag before ever making it outside to the campfire. We thought we’d take that ethos and design a product line around it and Big Bites were born,” said Michael Tierney, CEO and founder of Stuffed Puffs. “Big Bites shows our ability to be more than just a marshmallow, and how we will be competitive in the traditional candy/confectionary space with these great new snacking indulgences.”

About Stuffed Puffs

Stuffed Puffs has redefined the marshmallow category as one of the only innovative brands to ever fill marshmallows with real milk chocolate. Founded in 2019 by Michael Tierney, Stuffed Puffs believes that “Life Is More Fun Filled” and that is meant quite literally. Their Classic Stuffed Puffs melt from the inside out for the perfect S’more or S’mores Indoor. They also can be used as a staple ingredient in baking, cooking, hot cocoa or devoured straight out of the bag. BIG Bites are the latest addition to the Stuffed Puffs’ collection of everyday flavors, including Classic Milk Chocolate, Chocolate-on-Chocolate, and Cookies `n Creme. Big Bites are available at, and Walmart locations nationwide. For more information, visit or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.