Paramus High School students Dan and Corinne are working to make the world a brighter place.

In a world that can at times be indifferent, it is heartwarming to learn of random acts of kindness. Two students from Paramus Catholic High School have been doing just that, spreading kindness to strangers. This Lenten season, it is a story worth telling. Senior Corinne and Junior Dan are both students at Paramus Catholic High School in Paramus.

Over the weekend of March 4 at a wrestling championships in Atlantic City, Dan helped to carry an injured opponent off the mat. When asked what made him offer a helping hand, Dan replied, “I wanted to help him. We were both working towards the same goal, and his progress got stopped. I just wanted to help.”

Corinne has been working selflessly at Newark Mercy House for the past four years. Corinne has gotten to know the residents and the workers and said, “I visit to help and to see how everyone is doing. Other times I just pop in because it is a community and I love that feeling.”

Paramus Catholic High School’s education is built upon the four pillars of Faith, Academics, Security and Wellness and these two Paladins and their families embrace those same values.