The Nature’s Way Market is much more than a place to buy locally grown organic foods and natural supplements. Founded more than 45 years ago by pioneer herbalist David Harder, the landmark Easton, Pa. market has become a destination for anyone interested in ethically, sustainably and locally sourced herbs and food products.

The longstanding traditions of the Nature’s Way Market are carried on by owners Shalom Neuman and his wife Karen Pritchett-Neuman, who purchased the store in 2016. The Neuman’s, along with their knowledgeable staff, work hard to offer a superior collection of healthy and sustainable goods.

Neuman has begun the process of expanding the Nature’s Way Market into the top two floors of the building it occupies. Plans include adding a preventive medicine physician who can help people make healthy lifestyle choices. The expansion also creates office space for team member Amanda Leather, who is completing her studies as an herbalist.

“Our mission is simple,” Neuman said. “We believe that our world is interconnected.  All decisions and actions we take have the power to impact ourselves, our community, and our environment. Our goal is to offer quality products and services to our community and help our  customers on their journey toward a holistic lifestyle.”

According to Neuman, the Lehigh Valley is an ideal location for his business. He explained that there are numerous sustainable farms in the area surrounding Easton, making it easy to access fresh produce, dairy products, meat, honey and herbs that are grown without the use of chemicals.

The wide range of healthy foods and supplements found at The Nature’s Way Market may only be exceeded by the vast experience of the market’s staff. Neuman was generous in his praise of the dedicated people who make the Nature’s Way Market an important resource for the Easton community.

“My wife loves the store and the people we serve,” Neuman added. “In fact, our whole staff is very dedicated. Many of the people who work here have been with the store for decades. They are all well informed when it comes to the products we sell and our loyal customers know that they come here to discuss healthy living options and get answers to their questions.”

Manager Sarah Adams noted that the practices employed by the Nature’s Way Market extend beyond the food itself. The Nature’s Way Market also offers sustainable packaging to better protect the environment.

“We do a big bulk sales business,” Adams said. “Customers can bring in their own mason jars or purchase jars here. We sell herbs and spices, body care products, household detergents, seeds and pastas in bulk. Our prepackaged products come in biodegradable and recyclable packaging to reduce harmful waste. We also carry our own brand of supplements and unique items such as the homemade soups made by our owner, Karen.”

The Nature’s Way Market is a popular place to relax and chat with people who share an interest in sustainable living. The recently opened Specialtea Café at Nature’s Way Market boasts a diverse menu that is characterized by sustainably produced foods and beverages. The café serves coffee, tea, herbal beverages, espresso, smoothies, homemade soups, bagels and an assortment of pastries. The Café is open from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

“There is a comfortable atmosphere here,” Adams commented. “Not long ago, one of our customers lost her power and she came here to wait for the utility company to repair the outage. We made her some herbal tea and she was grateful to have a friendly place to hang out until her electricity came back on.”

“Our ultimate goal is to create a destination point for people seeking healthy solutions,” Neuman said. “We hope that expanding our facilities will enable us to better serve our community.”

The Nature’s Way Market is located at 143 Northampton St., Easton. For more information, visit or call 610-253-0940.