The entrance to the JFK parking lot.

On Oct. 15, the Garwood Green Team joined forces with volunteers from the Liquid Church on Center Street to install a new landscape at the entrance/exit of the JFK parking lot on North Avenue.  Many people made this day a success, and kudos are extended to all for a great end result.  Go out and take a look.

Church members Jaz Barredo, Isaiah, Keisha and Tiffany Kinyanjui, Trent Mattern, Robin and Gianna Miller, and Robert and Caleb Price, met with Pastor Zarida Brokenborough to commence the day with a prayer, and then met Green Team members Charles Lombardo and Bill Nierstedt at the site to place all of the plants and commence digging holes.  The Garwood Department of Public Works had already picked up the plants from Statile Nurseries in Springfield, leaf mulch from the Westfield Conservation Center (Thank you Westfield), and wood chips from Fanwood (Thank you, Fanwood).  After digging all 17 holes, the Garwood Fire Department (thank you) arrived to water all of the plants.  The group even transplanted three forsythia shrubs to a new location on the other side of the parking lot. Everyone backfilled the holes with the new leaf mulch, and finished the plantings with the new wood chips.  Then we stood back and admired our work.

While we were taking pictures, professional photographer Will Mallett of Mallett Photography happened to stop at Al’s Deli for lunch, and was gracious enough to come over and take a few professional photos of the group. Then AJ from Al’s offered lunch to all of us. Madison, Caitlyn and Chelsea courteously and efficiently took our orders and served us the best sandwiches. As you can tell from all of these thank yous, this project was truly a group effort of many people and thanks are extended go all.

This new planting replaced the rose bushes and forsythia that had been there for years.  The Green Team had weeded these planting areas for a number of years, and the bushes had been taken over by invasive oriental bittersweet, and were in much need of replacement.  This new planting is mostly evergreen and native material, with one shade tree, a formal framing of the memorial plaque, and lower growing plants to provide better visibility for drivers.  We hope that it is seen by all as an improvement to the Borough. Keep your eyes out for more Green Team plantings next year.