The D.J. Wright EMS Lounge meets a critical need to care for our first responders so they can care better for our community.

Daniel James “D.J.” Wright’s life is all about creating ripples. From his funeral home ministry to his charitable work, every aspect of his life centers around caring for others. So, when he saw an opportunity to invest in the first responders who dedicate their lives to caring for others, he didn’t hesitate.

D.J. made Hunterdon County his home after graduating from Drew University in 2001. Feeling called into the funeral industry, he launched his career in Flemington, serving the community that quickly became like family to him. In 2015, he bought Wright and Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services and began building a reputation as a prominent, local business owner.

But D.J. has never seen that as his primary role. Community has always been the driving force behind all his endeavors, and he operates his business with a mindset of neighbors helping neighbors.

He lives out that commitment through his deep, personal involvement in several charitable causes, ranging from volunteer guardianship to domestic violence support to serving as the chair of the Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce. And while he is active in supporting a broad spectrum of worthy causes, there’s a special place in his heart for first responders, especially those serving in Emergency Medical Service (EMS).

D.J.’s passion for the work of medical first responders was ignited when he first climbed into an ambulance as a child during a Cub Scout visit to the local police station. In college, he took his interest a step further and became an EMT himself. Through the years, he has continued volunteering his time as an EMT in Hunterdon County. And even with all his other roles and responsibilities, he can still be found in uniform every month, doing overnight shifts, coming to the aid of his neighbors.

Recently, he showed his appreciation for these community servants by making a significant donation to create the D.J. Wright EMS Lounge in the Emergency Department at Hunterdon Medical Center.

In late spring of 2023, the EMS community came together to celebrate the opening of the new space. Created to recognize and support the tireless work of EMTs and paramedics, the lounge offers a comfortable, designated space for them to unwind, recharge and connect.

But it’s more than just a physical space — it’s a practical and functional haven tailored to meet the specific needs of first responders. There is room to relax, complete paperwork, charge electronics, and grab essentials like hot drinks and food during long shifts. And beyond its tangible offerings, the lounge serves as a communal hub where EMTs can debrief after demanding emergency calls — where they can gather, discuss calls, and work through the challenges they encounter … together.

D.J. stressed how important that is in a job that is often difficult and traumatic

“Without a common place to come together, it’s difficult to connect with one another. And sometimes EMTs just need to talk through their experiences — it helps improve their responses and release some of the stress after a difficult call. This new lounge gives EMTs that space where they can build relationships, share knowledge, and start to find healing. It’s very important in what we do,” he said.

The D.J. Wright EMS Lounge meets a critical need to care for our first responders so they can care better for our community. That is the embodiment of D.J.’s mission in life … his philosophy of neighbors helping neighbors.

“EMS has always been about looking out for others, and this lounge is a representation of our collective responsibility to do the same. At the end of the day, we are all only as good as our fellow community members. Each of us has a role to play, and I want to know that I’m doing my little part to make the world a better place,” he said.

With his generous donation to create the EMS Lounge, D.J. Wright cast a stone across the waters of life. And the ripples of good radiating from his investment are touching lives throughout the county every day. His life and his gift are powerful reminders of the far-reaching impact personal giving and acts of kindness can have in shaping a healthier community and a better world.

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