Curt Cyliax, managing director of Strategic Exit Advisors (SEA).

Curt Cyliax, managing director of Strategic Exit Advisors (SEA), was recently interviewed in Conscient Strategies’ Deal Makers Series. In the interview, Cyliax discussed SEA’s philosophy in helping sellers achieve their ultimate exit. Specifically, he stresses the emotional journey that every owner goes through during the transaction.

“When an owner has been dedicated to a business for 30 to 40 years, and suddenly, they are out of a job and feel a lack of relevance — that emotional process is one we continue to learn about,” Cyliax said. “In our world, money is important, but understanding the emotions an owner goes through as they make decisions, journey through the process, and ultimately turn over the keys to their business can be a real roller coaster.” Likewise, he stressed that most business owners want to know that their employees will be taken care of after the deal closes. And, he added, “Establishing trust, keeping it, and staying honest are the most important pillars of due diligence.”

Leaders, experts, and innovators in the Merger & Acquisition and the Private Equity space are interviewed about how they get successful deals done in the Conscient Strategies Deal Makers Series. The series highlights perspectives of investors, corporate development executives, and buy and sell-side advisers working across industries.

Strategic Exit Advisors, of Ambler, Pa., is an investment bank for entrepreneurs. The company helps owners achieve their ultimate exit by focusing its process on strategic buyers willing to pay higher, strategic multiples. Strategic Exit Advisors understands what you’ve been through building your business and makes certain you get paid for it. At SEA, the focus is on the transition, not the transaction.