Pictured from left are, Patrick Gavin, president and CEO, Hunterdon Health; Rachel Brauner, DO, FAAP, chief medical officer, Hunterdon Healthcare Partners; Jessica Codjoe, MD, MHA, FAAFP, chief medical officer, Hunterdon Medical Center; Kim Blanda, director of Community Outreach, Hunterdon Health; and Chief Tim Barlow, Tewksbury Police Department and Hunterdon County Police Chiefs Association.

Hunterdon Health and the Hunterdon County Police Chiefs Association gathered to officially launch the Blue Envelope Program to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The primary goal of the Blue Envelope Program is to assist drivers diagnosed with ASD with document organization and to help them understand what to do during a motor vehicle stop. The Blue Envelope Program provides police officers with the means to quickly identify an operator of a motor vehicle who has ASD and helps guide officers during the interaction. It also provides contact information for the driver’s caregiver in case the driver is upset or the officer needs to get additional information the driver is unable to provide. The Hunterdon County Police Chiefs’ Association developed its Blue Envelope Program modeled on a similar program first organized and implemented in Connecticut. The purpose of the Blue Envelope Program is to improve the interaction between a driver with ASD and a police officer during a traffic stop.

“The members of the Hunterdon County Police Chiefs Association are proud to partner with Hunterdon Health to expand the reach of the Blue Envelope Program throughout our community. By distributing these envelopes at all Hunterdon Health offices and facilities, we aim to enhance accessibility and awareness of this vital initiative. Together, we are taking proactive steps to support individuals with autism spectrum disorder and ensure safer interactions with law enforcement during traffic stops. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to inclusivity and understanding, especially during Autism Awareness Month in April,” said Chief Tim Barlow on behalf of the Hunterdon County Police Chiefs Association.

If your loved one would like to participate in the program, stop by a local police station in Hunterdon County.